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What to Stream the Weekend of December 15
Tribune News Service20 hours ago
Yes, Your Wine Glass Keeps Getting BiggerIf you drink wine, there's a good chance you measure intake by the glass. Here's why that's problematic: Modern wine glasses are seven times larger than those of centuries ago—and notably bigger than glasses that are just two decades old, according to a new study. Researchers at the University...
Newser21 hours ago
Buck kill increases in Allegany, Garrett counties
Cumberland Times-News, Md.21 hours ago
Numerous bears killed on Maryland roads
Cumberland Times-News, Md.21 hours ago
Another Potential Victim of Net Neutrality Nix: Free Online PornMany individuals and groups are displeased with the FCC's ruling Thursday to nix "net neutrality" rules, which kept ISPs from giving preference to or throttling some online content. But one demographic in particular is particularly hot and bothered, per the Independent Journal Review : consumers of internet porn. The site notes...
Newser22 hours ago
'Papa Bear in the House': Restaurants Play Spy GamesHis name is Tom Sietsema, but he might be better known in high-end DC restaurants as "Papa Bear." That's because Sietsema just happens to be the food critic for the Washington Post , and an urgent whisper of "Papa Bear in the house" will send everyone from chefs to bus boys...
Newser23 hours ago
Quinn on Nutrition: Readers letters about diabetes
The Monterey County Herald1 day ago
Falling Off the Cliff: Life after death
The Philadelphia Inquirer1 day ago
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